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     What’s up guys it is The Myriad here! I hope everyone is having a great day, after all, every single day is a gift. If you are not feeling like that is the case, I understand because life can be very difficult sometimes. Nevertheless, everyday is a gift. You know what is also a gift (or present)? 119 Ministries!

     If you have never heard of 119 Ministries, that is okay! The probable reason being that they have only been around for about six years. Since starting back in 2010, 119 Ministries has sought to point people across the world back to what God’s word TRULY says, despite traditions, opinions made by theologians, or misinterpretations of the Bible.  Surprisingly, they are not located in the United States, but in Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica. The reason being is that it is simply less expensive to operate out of Costa Rica than it is in the United States. Through a cheaper way of living, they can produce hours of high quality content that seeks to further God’s Kingdom.

     Their overall theme or motto is, “Test everything.” Even the name 119 Ministries is a direct reference to the book of Psalms, chapter 119, which speaks into great depth about following the law that God has made. Indeed, it doesn’t take long for one to realize that 119 Ministries is serious about obeying God and keeping His Law.  This is probably the second biggest element they emphasize (the first being the truth of the Word and the focus on it alone).  They openly reject many special occasions and holidays that many Christians consider sacred, such as Easter and even Christmas. Why you might ask? 119 argues that these events are never mentioned in the Bible and therefore they are pagan in origin. They insist that by partaking in such things as Christmas, believers are actually paying homage to pagan gods and traditions. Instead, they choose to commemorate special feasts and gatherings that the Israelite’s remembered. 119 Ministries even has a calendar that lists all of the feasts and celebrations that God’s chosen people had. (>>>Creator’s Calendar<<<) Take a look! It’s pretty cool!     

     Other areas of interest for 119 Ministries is proper terminology for God and the Law. They also have a local outreach for the poor and homeless, but unfortunately I cannot seem to find any credible information on this aspect of 119 as they mention it only one time.  Proper terminology however, is very interesting. 119 Ministries insists on calling the Lord by the name that He has given to us, “Yahweh,” and referring to Jesus as, “Yeshua.” The ministry also focuses, as stated previously, greatly on the Law set by God which is called, “The Torah,” or simply, “Torah.” The reason for this proper terminology is that 119 Ministries claims to actively study the Word of God in the Hebraic language, the original language it was written in.  Which means these names and terms are more appropriate and accurate than the transliterated names the English language has. This is quite an undertaking as some words simply do not translate from Hebrew into English. So for 119 Ministries to take an extra step in studying what the Bible originally said does set them apart from other ministries. In studying the original form the Bible was written in, 119 assures that they acquire the most accurate representation of what God’s Word truly says. This is where they get the proper name of God and His Son as well as discover what misinterpretations man has interjected into preaching the Word.  

     So far, so good, but with every ministry there is bound to be some form of undesirable reputation. Unfortunately, I did not have to dig very far to see that 119 Ministries has garnered more than just a hint of this. For a starting point, 119 Ministries is part of a movement that is titled, “Hebrew Roots.”  And before you think it no, I am not condemning this movement.  Back to the point.  “Hebrew Roots” is supposed to symbolize a return to many of the Old Testament and Old Covenant teachings and beliefs (this is why many of the feasts celebrated though they are not the only reason). This is fine in a certain way, but unfortunately 119 Ministries seems emphasize too much on this fact. They push it too far, the keeping of the Old Covenant, and seem to reject parts of the New Covenant. An example of this would be when God says that certain kinds of animals are unclean and should not be used for food. But after the New Covenant is made, God gives Peter a vision where He prompts Peter to kill and eat an unclean animal. When Peter refuses, claiming that he would never do such a thing and eat an unclean animal, God tells him to not call unclean what God has made clean. Yet, 119 Ministries seems to hold to the Old Covenant where God forbid the eating of certain animals, but in doing so they are forsaking a part of the New Covenant. Now, it would be perfectly acceptable to not eat what was once considered unclean (the Bible does speak of this in the New Testament). But it is not right to TEACH, that by the eating of certain animals you are breaking God’s law.  That just isn’t right whatsoever.

     119 also holds to the idea of interpreting lunar cycles and certain colors of the moon.  This is mentioned in the Bible.  Most notably when the wise men sought to find Jesus, they followed a star.  But you should also know that there is something else called Astrology which attempts to predict happenings and events by viewing the stars and other celestial bodies apart from God’s divine influence. 119 has once again put too much emphasis on the viewing of certain types of moon, particularly “blood moons” and proclaimed it as a symbol of the last days.  From what I have seen, man’s prediction’s of the last days have been hilariously inaccurate to say the least.  We should always be prepared for the end of this earth.  One last thing, the ministry openly claims that they do not have any credibility…(okay???)…and they simply study the Word and teach what they believe to be the truth. This is not cause for a massive alarm, but it is rather odd.  Why mention this in your mission statement?  It simply acts as an unnecessary flame to spark a ridiculous argument. If you are asked, then give such information out. I could go into more detail, but I do not think it is in the best interest of time. It does not take that much digging to see some of the “claims” leveled against this ministry. Some are downright strong, going as far as to accuse 119 Ministries of being wolves in sheeps’ clothing for not teaching the truth.

     Okay we’ve reached the end. Ohp! Never mind! Money-wise 119 has a very detailed annual earnings and income chart located over here (>>>FindTheCompany<<<). Nothing really fancy. Except for the fact that they only made about $350,000 U.S. dollars in 2014 and compared to most groups they expended an astronomically small amount of money (hooray for Cost Rica!). Their expenses are mainly on employees. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary in this sector. They seem to be good stewards with the resources given to them.

     A final word guys, use discretion and Godly wisdom when it comes to ministries like this. I do not think 119 Ministries is a complete lie or that they are out to ensnare Christians in legalism. In fact, I think they have made certain parts of the Bible a lot clearer than what they once were, and they encourage people to not fall into what very well could be pagan traditions. But they seem, at the same time, to be giving over to Hebraic traditions and laws, (which there are a myriad of by the way:). Yes, it does not SEEM like a bad thing, but if God has laid out something else through the death of His OWN SON, we should be more than glad to agree.  (Just a hint). Through all of this, I am not trying to say the Old Testament has not a place anymore.  If you interpret that from this blog…well…that’s not what I’m saying at ALL. The Old Testament is just as important as the New Testament, and the New Testament is just as important as the Old Testament.  The WHOLE Bible! is the Word of God! But any ministry that puts more weight on one than the other has failed to see the significance and the beauty of a much larger picture. That is it!


The Myriad

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Hellllooooo!  This is The Myriad here.  I am currently coming up with some new segments that I can do to keep the wait between my major publications seem less lengthy.  I have thought of some cool ideas that I could do that extend beyond the category of outreach ministries, however I am remembering that I need to stay focused on what I started out to do.  Check back in the next few days as I am going to be posting something different than what was posted last week.  Oh!  An interesting idea just stumbled into my head!  Got to go!

Alright, that is it everyone!

Compassion International

What’s up guys, girls, ladies, and gentlemen! The Myriad is here. I have been very busy now that school is in full swing…well, college to be exact but you get the idea. Today we, yes, you and me, are going to be looking at Compassion International.

Compassion International, or simply Compassion for short, is an outreach ministry that is widely known throughout the globe, but what do they do exactly? Compassion International is a sponsorship program for children in need. This means that they set up Compassion centers around every corner of the earth and find children who are living in extreme poverty and are either infants or under the age of eighteen though some countries allow ages all the way up to twenty-two. Once Compassion finds children who meet this criteria, they put the child’s information, things like birth date, age, what country they inhabit, etc. into rotation inside the sponsorship program. This allows them to become more exposed to people who might sponsor the child.

Speaking of sponsor, what role could you play in this? Well, the sponsor is someone who sees the child’s picture on the website, at a convention where Compassion is present, or by some other means, but the easiest way to sponsor a child is through the Compassion website. Compassion has a long list of kids that need to be sponsored and they are all available in one place. Once you find the one for you, or you feel the Holy Spirit direct you to the right one, you simply click on their profile and the website will direct you to a page where your personal information can be filled out. Once complete, Compassion will send you information about your sponsored child in the mail as well as start sending you a bill for $38 dollars a month which goes to the child’s benefit.

Perhaps the absolute coolest thing about sponsoring a child through Compassion is that you have the ability to write a personal letter to the very kid or young adult you are sponsoring. That’s right! Compassion gives you the ability to write a letter to your child as well as send photographs, drawings and pretty anything that will fit properly in an envelope. Of course, if letters can travel to the child’s location, then they can certainly travel back. Compassion allows the person being sponsored to write back and send pictures and artwork of their own. This is such an amazing way for the sponsor and the child to bond with each other even though they have never met. Seeing the child write in their own words and send you pictures of their way of life, what they do for fun, the names of their kin, how they are growing in the Lord, is indescribable. Yes of course Compassion has people who translate your words into the child’s dialect and vice versa, but they leave the original language on the space above. It just reminds those who are involved with Compassion that they are talking and supporting a living, breathing, knit together by the Lord, child who may be in dire circumstances.

Moving away from the main course of what Compassion does, we now are going to be looking at how Compassion International handles themselves in general. Compassion is 100% donor funded. They have had fourteen years in a row now where they have had a four star rating on Charity Navigator and it would appear that they are completely centered on Christ and simply doing what they feel called to do. They charge $38 dollars a month for one sponsorship and this gives the child the following as on Compassion’s website: Love, education, supplements, health care, Christ-centered spiritual guidance, recreational activities, and of course the Gospel message. According to Forbes, the total revenue for the fiscal year end of June 30, 2015 was around 767 million dollars while the total expenses were 776 million dollars (it would appear that they did lose about 10 million dollars). I could go deeper, but I really don’t see the point. I have not found anything that could be questionable in their business practices other than asking, “What happened to that 10 million?” Are there any complaints against them? Absolutely, but I found these complaints to be rather shallow in their arguments. For example, one person complained that Compassion released the children too early. However, this is not the case. Compassion, as well as the sponsor, cannot afford to support adults.  That simply isn’t their job. Most of the youth and children supported eventually end up joining Compassion and becoming teachers, pastors, or have an opportunity here in America to get a more advanced education or even meet their sponsors which is an incredible sight.

I hope that this has helped you make an informed decision or opinion about Compassion International. They have a website (linked below) with a myriad of details listed on it as well as places where you can find out about sponsoring a child, regularly answered questions, about Compassion and where they started, what their goals are, and lots and lots of other stuff. That is it ladies and gentlemen!

Link to Compassion Website: Compassion International

Launching of The Myriad

What’s up everyone!  I am the creator of The Myriad.  The purpose behind this blog is to promote or rather give some attention to outreach ministries, support groups, maybe even first response teams!  Anyways, I feel led to give some perspective on the many support groups, ministries, etc. that are out there so that you can make the right decision for possibly sponsoring a child, finding freedom from all kinds of addictions, or simply finding out who is really helping people and who is not.

     Now I will be completely open about this, this is my first blog ever!  Yes I am nervous, but I am also very excited to do this.  I am a competent researcher and writer, so I don’t simply fabricate information or purposefully try to present it in a way that is unappealing.   With that fresh in your mind, I will state this:  I will be candid about these organizations I am writing about.  I do not seek to mislead anyone, nor do I wish to hurt the people who may be involved with these organizations.  But the truth is the truth! and simply slapping a different name on a wrongdoing does not make the deed right.  Nor does it work the other way around (right becoming wrong).

     Anyway guys and girls, I hope you will stop by to see what is available.  Before you leave I would like to tell you a few things about myself.  I am eighteen years old.  I am a guy who is currently living in Ohio.  I like playing music, games (PC), taking pictures, spending time with the few friends I have, and pretty much taking advantage (in a good way mind you) of opportunities that come my way.  I am a senior in high school, but I take college classes full time which basically can be translated as, “I have no life outside of the books when I am in school.”  Okay, not completely, but it is much, much, much, much, much, much, much harder than standard high school.  But I will do my best and try to research these organizations in my spare time.

That is it!  Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!  I will post my review/information about a certain sponsorship company in the next few days!  Also be sure to check out one of my friends blogs that is called theGreatRisingPuzzlement  https://thegreatrisingpuzzlement.wordpress.com/.  It is a blog filled with interesting facts as well as rather hilarious personal experiences for that particular person and is definitely a great read!


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