What’s up guys? it is The Myriad here. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. If you are, great! If you are a little anxious, worried or down, cast those things on the Lord! I know that is what I have to do everyday. Especially right now because college is getting very stressful. So as soon as you are reading this I will be doing school work! Yay…anyway, we are going to be looking at a small organization called iMissionares

 iMissionaries started up in December of 2013 as a rather unique outreach ministry. Unlike the previous “brick and mortar” ministries that have been reviewed, iMissionaries is located exclusively on the internet. What they do is allow users to create advertisements through Facebook’s ad system to promote the Gospel almost anywhere in the world. You create a link that takes whoever clicks on your ad to website where they can download the Good and Evil book for free! A cool side feature is of course seeing how many people click on your ad!

Here’s how it works: First, you need a Facebook account. Second, go to the iMissionaries website and scroll down until you see the Facebook logo with a “button” that reads, “Get Started with Facebook Evangelism,” and click (or tap) the button. Third, once you are in, scroll down the page where you will see four red circles. Each will have different options for ads. You can click on any of these options or continue scrolling until you reach the bottom where it reads, “Create a Facebook Ad,” which you should click. Fourth, you will see a 4-step process to create your ad on Facebook.  Hint: Choose to open the two links listed in a separate tab. Now, there is an instructional video, but it is over two years old and is more than a little outdated. If you want to feel really smart, follow the steps that I just listed. Or if you want to save some time, click this: >>>Create a Facebook Ad<<< (this takes you to step four). Once you have opened up the, “Ads Manager,” and, “iMissionaries Resources,” in separate tabs, click or tap, “Send People to Your Website,” located on the, “Ads Manger,” tab. It will ask you to paste a URL into the box. Then, choose a translation of the Good and Evil book in whatever language is listed and click on the language that is native to the region where you are sending the ad to. Copy the link and paste it into the, “Send People to Your Website,” box. When that is completed, simply follow the instructions Facebook provides. Standard billing does apply, but this is the chance for God to use you to work in someone’s life! Put some thought into where you want this ad to show up.

*Note, Facebook is banned in some countries, so you will not be able to send ads there.*

iMissionaries is a great source for getting the Gospel into the world. It is really cool and the best part is you DO NOT HAVE TO BE A NERD TO DO IT!!!!!! Okay, really the best part is sharing the Gospel in such a unique way. It is not that hard, follow the instructions listed above and you should be fine!

One thing before you leave. There is not very much information on iMissionaries. But the service really is so simple that they would be hard pressed to illegally mess with anything. They are partnered with No Greater Joy ministries, so they possess some credibility. If you are skeptical know this: Any money that you spend to make your ads more popular and gain more traffic, all runs through Facebook and not iMissionaries.

Little tidbit here! I understand that some of you may think that evangelizing people through technology is worldly and therefore should not be used. Or you might ask, “Is it really promoting God? Or is it simply for your own glory?” Just know that if God can use us sinful people to reach a myriad of those who are lost, then He can certainly use technology. Because like it or not, technology is not bad in and of itself. Yes! I know the saying, “Television. Hellevision.” But it’s what is displayed on the device that is good or evil. Technology is just a thing that is subject to the users inner desires. Why not use it for God and His goodness? That is it!

Websites below:


>>>iMissionaries Youtube Channel<<<

>>>No Greater Joy Ministries<<<



The Myriad






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