Tangent Time: V0

Hello! This is The Myriad here. I wanted to give everyone a personal update of what is going on.


Soooo-first off! I am going to be posting this little series called “Tangent Time” every Monday. The series is simply a little break from the regular posting that I do where I review outreach ministries. Now, what I will include in this set is news of upcoming posts you should be on the “lookout” for. I also have some other ideas that are definitely different from what I have been doing. For example, I’m thinking of blogging about struggles that all of us go through and how we can get through them. I know for myself, I have had a “roller coaster” of a ride in the mere eighteen years I have been around. Because of this fact, I want to encourage anyone that has stumbled along the road of life.


For today’s Volume 0 of Tangent Time, I’m going to briefly summarize what is going to take place within the next few weeks.

     Number 1: I am looking at buying a domain name for my own site. This will allow me to customize my blog site much more which will make it far nicer to look at and navigate.

     Number 2: As I mentioned in the second paragraph I’m looking into expanding my content so that there is a little something for everyone. This will be a big learning curve, but I’m excited to do it!  

     Number 3: Finally, I want to hear back from you people! I enjoy reading the (few) comments that have been left on my previous posts and I look forward to feedback. Please keep it positive and instructive as I generally do not pay that much attention to comments that are overly negative or offer no help as to what I might change.

     Alright! That is it for Tangent Time V0. Check back around Friday evening for the next ministry outreach post! Have a great day!   



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