Operation Heal Our Patriots

What’s up, guys! It is The Myriad here. I am having a bit of a rough week, but I hope all of you are doing well. Today we are going to be examining Operation Heal Our Patriots sponsored by Samaritans Purse.

Operation Heal Our Patriots was started up to help wounded soldiers recover after coming back from tours in the Middle East. The goal of the project is to bring together military veterans with families. Though it may seem quite obvious, being in a war can have disastrous effects on the mind and body. It can also take a toll on those who have been left home alone for a long period of time. People can find it very hard to connect again after they have been separated for such an expanse of time. This is what Operation Heal Our Patriots seeks to mend.

The actual retreat takes place in Hardenburg Bay, which is located in the southwestern part of Lake Clark National Park. Samaritan Lodge Alaska (the lodge where the couples stay) is on the shores of one of the deepest lakes in Alaska, Lake Clark. As a result of this, the couples can relax, go fishing, canoeing (or kayaking), hiking, or even boating. But the soul purpose of this trip is to allow war-torn couples to reconnect to God and each other.

The trip itself is bought and paid for by Samaritans Purse and lasts from the first week of June to mid-September. After the trip is concluded, Samaritans Purse keeps track of the families and makes sure that they are in a proper church and are stable in their relationship with each other and the Lord.

Before I wrap up I will say this: I really like what Samaritans Purse is doing. We need more “operations” like this one. There are so many soldiers coming back home with the horrors of war stuck in their minds. They are coming home to find that life has gone on without them. Maybe as a result of the tragedy of war, many have lost their faith in God. More than likely, both of the spouses have grown apart in some way. Through Operation Heal Our Patriots, these men and women can reconnect with the ones they love and learn and grow in the love God has for them.

Hey, guess what?! That concludes this post! What!??? A short post? What is this madness!? Anyways, I hope everyone checks out Operation Heal Our Patriots and Samaritans Purse. There is a myriad of recovery programs out there, but this is one of the few that goes all out and focuses on faith, marriage, and recovery. Check them out! That is it!


The Myriad




  1. Tori Ederer · February 13, 2016

    Hey Harry! I think it is great that Samaritans Purse is helping veterans reconnect with their spouses and faith, but my question is: what about the veterans who come home who don’t have a spouse? What about those who don’t believe in God? What programs are there that are striving to reach the veterans who are homeless? I am glad that Samaritans Purse is doing what they are doing, but I feel like most of the veterans that return from war are going through more terrible things than a retreat can heal. Correct me if I am wrong there, that is just what is going through my mind.

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    • The Myriad · February 14, 2016

      Like I said this program is an exception when it comes to veteran recovery programs. There are a lot of different veteran recovery centers that just help the the soldier and not the entire family. However, I selected this one because they are unique in that they promote faith, recovery, and family. Whereas other places promote recovery.
      Thanks for the comment!


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