Tangent Time V2

Hey, guys! It’s The Myriad here! First off I need to apologize for not posting this past weekend. I honestly have been very busy with school and I’m trying to make the main page look a little nicer…which is not going very well, to be honest :). But enough about that! It’s time to go off on a tangent! Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a two-hundred-year-old house?

So back in February of last year, that is 2015, my family and I started work on a house. We had built our first house back in 2007, but since then we had moved out and had been renting a house for about a year. Once we found a house that was in, honestly terrible shape, we began to remodel it. That took about ten months to do…I am not kidding. To give you an idea of what the house looked like, here’s a picture!DSC00076  From here it doesn’t look so bad and the house appears half-decent. But the outside was probably the nicest looking.


Here are some more photographs of what it looked like on the inside.

I tried to recreate some of the images with ones of what the house looks like now. I will admit I do know the basics of photography, but I am definitely not very good when I am rushed for time. Anyways, here are some of what the house looks like now:

That is what it looks like now!

I hope you all have enjoyed this look into this house. I don’t know exactly when the house was originally built, but I do know that workers stopped using the massive oak beams right around the start of the 20th century.

Well, I am going to go back to doing homework now. Be sure to let me know with a comment if you like these kinds of posts and want to see more of them. Also, if you have a favorite ministry group that you would like me to take a look at, let me know that as well. That is it!



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