Tangent Time V3: Is Apple throwing the headphone jack into the cold?

Hello, everyone! It is The Myriad here. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I have to study for midterms this week, so I am going to keep this short.

So there has been a rumor going around that Apple will not have support for the headphone jack on their next iPhone, the iPhone 7 that is. There is a myriad of articles that speculate whether or not Apple will drop the headphone jack, but nothing is concrete so far.

Now you’re probably wondering: why on earth would accompany drop something as important as the headphone jack?

Well, the 1/4 inch headphone jack has been in use since the 19th century. It was originally used for telephone switchboards and is now mainly used for soundboards and music equipment.$(KGrHqN,!oEFGzWpwW-HBRwjY87Jr!--60_35That’s right, this thing has been in use for over 100 years. It was originally used for telephone switchboards and is now mainly used for soundboards and music equipment.

The smaller 1/8 inch headphone jack appeared in the 1960s which is still very old for something that gets used as much as it does. 4193cuzFGpLThis is what most people use when listening to their iPhone or iPod.

The bottom line is: these things have been around for a long time and we have pretty much maxed out their capabilities in terms of sound quality.

Now you are probably wondering: if the headphone jack is dropped, how am I going to listen to my music?

Well, the lightning port on the iPhone can actually be used for audio. This will, of course, require a special type of headphone, that while already in existence is a little more pricey than a simple earbud.philips-nc1l_t-600x360

However, the sound quality is far superior to that of the headphone jack. Since these kinds of headphones are already in use, Apple will probably make a proprietary earbud that ships with their devices like they have been doing in the past with the standard 1/8 inch jack.

I would like to talk more about this, but so far all of the articles are just speculation. Yes, Apple does appear to have plans to drop support for the headphone jack. Yes, there are headphones that do not use a standard jack. But Apple has not made an official article on whether or not they will drop support for the headphone jack.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section. I am going to go back to studying now. Oh boy, I really hope I don’t fail:) That is it!


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