Tangent Time V4: The growing problem with gaming on Youtube.

It is The Myriad here. Oh boy! I have a stressful week ahead. Anyways, I wanted to share with you something rather interesting on this weeks’ Tangent Time.

So something about me: I love to play video games. Yup! I think that they are a lot of fun and for me personally I enjoy playing the many different varieties of games that there are.

But video games are not directly what I want to discuss. The problem is from websites or rather gaming channels set up on Youtube that popularize these games or simply play them for the enjoyment of the viewer. Because most of these Youtuber’s inject an insane amount of language and sexual material into their video’s.

Nowadays, in the world of gaming on Youtube, the F word is common use. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have heard this word along with the many other vulgar terms that were once so bad, no one would ever say them.

The level of sexuality is absolutely disgusting. Men and women referencing each other’s anatomy in a myriad of different ways are incredibly common.

The point is: people need to stand up and either demand entertainment that does not include so much of this stuff, or simply create their own content for other people’s enjoyment, without all of these things.

If parents wonder why their child is saying this or doing that. A logical question would be: what is my child watching? Why is he or she so fascinated with this one person or group in gaming?

A lot of people watch gaming video’s, so it is not just a fad or something that will go away in a year or two. I want you to think for yourself if you should watch this stuff and maybe some of you should even consider making your own gaming channel that does not include so much vulgarity.

That is it!


The Myriad


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