Tangent Time V5: Part 2 of The Growing Problem with Gaming on Youtube

Hey, everyone! So a friend of mine encouraged me to continue a post from last week’s Tangent Time. I agreed and I understand that I ended the blog rather abruptly and I also feel like I didn’t convey my thoughts that well. But without further delay, here is part 2.

Alright, last week we talked about how gaming video’s on Youtube, are generally filled with sexual innuendo, crude remarks, enough swear words to compare with The Wolf of Wall Street, and discussion about a lot of other things that I will leave to your imagination.  Now, I understand why Youtuber’s do this. It is a lot of easy fun to joke at different physical parts of the body or spin out some joke with the F-bomb dropped in it. If this was every once and awhile I would not be writing this blog post. But it’s not! Instead, with most gaming video’s you hear a constant barrage of profanity and vulgarity. Most of it does not even have a place or a single thread of correlation to what is happening in the video. This is part of the problem.

Something to remember is that kids, pre-teen’s, teenagers, and young adults are the target audience. If this is the case, then how is all this affecting them? Well, truthfully, it may not affect them whatsoever. I mean that. It may have absolutely no consequences in their life. But for those who want better, who don’t want to hear the constant swearing or the talk about what pornography someone watched while viewing a cool idea that the maker of the video came up with in say Batman game for example, what are they left with? Maybe you are an adult and you say, “These kids should just go outside or do something more productive with their lives than just watching gaming video’s!” Okay. But that doesn’t respect someone else’s idea of recreation and it does not help the problem. The problem being, some people don’t want to constantly have to wade through all of the junk that populates these Youtube video’s and channels.

My last thought on this hasn’t changed. If you have the capabilities to make videos on games that have a lot of that “junk” stripped away, then I encourage you to make them. You might not get all of the views in the world. This is often because people want to see the person that is doing the loudest ranting and hating. But it might be a blessing in someone else’s life.

I do want to draw attention to someone who sort of already does this, and that is a Youtuber by the name of TotalBiscuit, also known as “The Cynical Brit”.CynicalFlag_5846He is from England, as you might have guessed from the picture above. Yes, he does still have some language in his video’s. Yes, he does have video series called “WTF Is” though I’ve never heard him actually say what that stands for. He always says, “WTF Is (certain game)”.

He may still have moments where he does talk about something unpleasant, but it is dramatically less than what most people inject into theirs. Something that TotalBiscuit does, if there is strong language in a video, he puts it on the thumbnail of the video. This lets people know, “Hey! Warning! Don’t watch this with your children!” It is a small step, but it is in the right direction.

Alright, guys! If you stuck with me until the end, good for you! I’m going to go and study now. Feel free to comment, follow the blog, or drop a like. It is very reassuring. Have a great day!


The Myriad


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