Tangent Time V7

Helllooo!! It’s The Myriad here. I didn’t post over the weekend because of all of the celebration of Easter. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family or friends. Today I wanted to share with you guys what I do on Easter.

Okay, so in the past when I was younger, I didn’t really understand what Easter was about. I mean, I heard about Jesus dying for mankind and then rising again, but I didn’t completely understand how significant it was. Probably because I was too distracted with chocolate, candy, and Easter egg hunts.

Speaking of which, on Sunday afternoons, my family and I would go to my grandparents house to spend time with family, eat a lot of course, and hunt eggs. Usually, how it worked was the adults would take me, my brother, and my cousin and make us go into a spare bedroom so that we wouldn’t see where the eggs were. Then, once the eggs were hidden, we’d rush out onto the lawn and start scrambling around trying find as many eggs as we could carry.

My grandma always had a mix of candy and money eggs for us to find. Including an egg that is molded into a rabbit which always carries the ultimate prize of five dollars. I did manage to find this egg one or two times, but my cousin and brother are both quite a bit older than I so yeah…”I found the prize egg!!!” SLAM!! That was the sound of my brother forcibly taking the egg from me.

As I’ve grown up, I don’t do this anymore. I’m kind of glad and sad at the same time. It was a different, simpler time. A time where I didn’t have to worry about what college I was going to or having to stay up late doing homework. But growing up has been somewhat fun as well…somewhat fun yeah…

That is it, guys! Let me know what you guys do for or have done for Easter in the comments. Thanks!!


The Myriad


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  1. Tori Ederer · March 29, 2016

    This Easter is the first Easter our family split up. Some of my cousins have children of their own and my sister has four children now and so it was decided that it was better to split up the Macalusos and Ederers. It was sad. Only three adults hid eggs and only three kids collected them. There are times when I wish I did not have to grow up.

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