Yo, guys! It’s is The Myriad as usual. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their support. It has been pretty awesome to see this blog grow. Enjoy!

I really like music. I enjoy listening to EVERY kind of music and playing EVERY kind of music as well. That’s why today I’m pretty excited to talk to you about a band called “Heartsong”. If you’ve never heard of Heartsong, that is okay. I don’t think anyone west of Ohio has probably heard of them. Heartsong is a collection of musicians who seek to glorify God through song worship. Now don’t leave just yet! This is not your typical contemporary worship band.

Heartsong is a band that was started at Cedarville University. The “band” is actually just a name with four different bands under that name that are separated by a team color. So you have:

Blue Team.Blue-Team.jpgGreen Team.

Green-Team.jpgOrange Team.Orange-Team.jpgRed Team.Red-Team (1).jpg

2015-2016 teams.

Together these teams make up Heartsong! (2015-2016 teams) I’m going to be honest, I don’t know when Heartsong was started. But, what I do know is that they’re are some amazing people within this group.

All of the men and women that are a part of Heatsong are students at Cedarville. The way it works is that if someone wants to be a member of the band, you have to sign up for auditions within the instrument you play (that includes voices as well). From what I’ve heard, auditions can be hard. The staff that is in charge of managing the band want to select people who are competent with their talents and who long to serve God. Once a person has sparked an interest in the leaders, they will call them for an interview. If they are liked, then they get the gig more or less.

It is a ton of hard work though. The students involved have to balance school work with band practice and rehearsal which can be very demanding. Not to mention that the band does a small tour almost every weekend where they play at conferences, camps, churches and other places. They have a time during the summer where they tour for ten weeks straight! So yeah, “lot a hard work”. But most of the members would say that it is more than worth it.

The best thing about Heartsong is this: the people on stage are not seeking to glorify themselves. When the band exits the stage, you can find them socializing among teens and adults eager to meet people and more than willing to serve. For example, I went to a camp this past summer where Heartsong happened to be playing and for five whole days they played and participated right alongside everyone else. It was very reassuring to witness these musicians wanting to spend time with us.

Heartsong puts out albums yearly and they are pretty good. Remember that these are college students that are doing this. Not completely seasoned professionals. As of now, they are preparing to release a new album called “Ascribe”. When it comes out in like a week, you should check it out!

That is it! See you back on Monday hopefully!


The Myriad

Heartsong website

Heartsong Teams


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