Tangent Time V9: Phinehas

Hey guys! So I found a very cool band recently. Now, I probably should say this right off of the bat, they are a metal core band. So that means crazy, heavy guitar, drums and bass and yes, of course, screaming. But don’t let that deter you away from reading this. Because this band, called Phinehas has something very big to say through what some people would call “incessant noise”.

So this Phinehas started back in 2001 in California. The band underwent many lineup changes before settling on Sean McCulloch (vocals), Jason Combs (guitars), Ryan Estrada (bass) and Lee Humerian (drums). It wasn’t until these musicians got a hold of the band that it started to actually go somewhere.

In 2009, the band released their self-titled EP. They went on a very short tour in support of the album before initiating work on their first full length album entitled thegodmachine. This definitely gained the band some praise and began moving things forward for new material to be written.

In early 2013, Phinehas released the Bridge Between.  This was just a short album that included some previous tracks the band had made that were either remastered or done acoustically by the band. But later in 2013, the band released The Last Word is Yours to Speak. This is the first album by them that I heard and it is an amazing album! I was at the alive festival when a vendor recommended this album to me saying that it was one of his favorites. I gave it a shot and I am so happy I did.

In the past year, the band hasn’t slowed down. They released their Till the End in the summer of 2015. I will admit, at first I wasn’t liking the sound the band chose for this album. Until I realized I couldn’t stop listening to it. Just when I thought the musicianship and songwriting couldn’t get any better, this band surprised me!

Now, songs that have stuck out to me lyrically are very hard to narrow down. There is simply so much content in each song that it is very hard to choose. But for an example, I’ve chosen the song “The Deepest of Graves”. The chorus of this song is:

Somewhere between bearing my shame
and wearing my pain
You still find it in you to love me
for who I am I never cease to fail you
But you still love me past my debt

You sow life in the deepest of graves

(For miles) I see no end to your flowing grace
You sow life in the deepest of graves

Another song would be “Dyson Sphere.” Where he says:

I am who contains the universe
who makes the ocean floor a road
I am who cranes the stars in place
I am who your mind cannot encase
Can you even think of me without reducing me?

 If you haven’t realized, all of these are pointed at God. A lot of people think that you can’t use metal and harsh vocals to talk about God or use them as an avenue to witness. To a certain extent that might be true, but at the same time it isn’t. You cannot limit God to a musical style or type of vocals if you believe He truly is that powerful. But that aside, if you like metal, you should really listen to this band. The musicianship is incredible and the lyrics are powerful even if they are sometimes hard to understand.

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