Tangent Time V11: Graduation

Yeah yeah yeah!!!! I did it! I have officially graduated! Okay, well…I’ve had my college graduation ceremony, but not my high schools so yeah. I somehow managed to graduate from college first, then high school. Odd indeed.

It has been a long and hard road, but I have finally reached the end of my journey through high school. I started back in 2012 with homeschooling which is what I had been doing since the first grade. My years before my freshmen were pretty good, within schooling at least, but it was like when I reached 9th grade I just stopped trying in school. This was mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have any really demanding deadlines. I mean I did have some, but usually, if I couldn’t figure something out relatively fast, I just didn’t do it at all.

However, when I enrolled in a community college for the beginning of my Sophomore year, everything changed. I began to care about the subjects I learned and I tried harder than ever before to succeed. After completing two classes my Sophomore year, I took a break and returned for my Junior year and enrolled full time.

That year and the years that followed were extremely challenging. But by the grace of God I made it…finally. Yes, there may have been a mental breakdown or two, but I still finished the race with a strong stride. I also met a lot of great people who made my time at this college very memorable, and while many of us will never see each other again, it was still so much fun to share in the experience together.

If you are having a tough time with school or you just want it to be over with, rest assured that it will end before you know it. I still am in shock that I am done with high school. Another point you should be aware of is that once you complete this time in high school or wherever you are, it is over. Enjoy it while you can. I regret not taking advantage of opportunities that came my way while I was in high school. Those times are gone now and I will never get them back.

So enjoy the ride, study hard, meet new people, and praise the Lord through all of it. That is it! Way to go graduates of 2016! We did it!


The Myriad


Books for Soldiers

What’s up, guys? It is The Myriad here and today I introduce you to something very cool: Books for Soldiers.

Books for Soldiers was started by a man named Storm Williams. Williams had witnessed his friends, who were deployed in the Persian Gulf in 1991, suffer from the loneliness and isolation that comes with being in the midst of war. To support them, Williams began shipping cartoons to his friends so that they would have a source of encouragement or comic relief during the fighting.

Around twelve years later in 2003 when American troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, he started the website “booksforsoldiers.com.” This website allows people to send books to soldiers that have requested them.

Since Williams started this website, he has received many letters from soldiers thanking him for his willingness to send books. Williams stated in an interview with People magazine:

“Some of these guys have had eight or nine deployments while we’re at home in air conditioning. We find the books they want-Stephen King and Tom Clancy are favorites-write letters, throw in cookies, candy, or pencils and create a care package. It doesn’t cost much.”
I encourage everyone to click the link in the first paragraph. The website is simple, but it is straightforward and easy to navigate. Therefore, it is pretty easy to find out ways that you can get involved if you wish. I’ll link some different tabs, that are on the website, below so that you can find out the information from the source.

That is it! I hope everyone has a great day! Check back in a few days for a new post!

FAQ page
Getting Started
Donate To The Troops
About Us

Random Thoughts (most original title ever)

I’m back!!!! What’s up guys, it is The Myriad here. Today-or tonight rather-I am going to simply update you all on what is happening.

So, my job is going well. I meeting new people and gaining new experiences. The people I work with are pretty cool, though I will admit rather sad in the fact that one particular co-worker is involved with a lot of bad stuff. But he is still nice. He is simply lost.

However, I did get reprimanded shall we say when I tried to share the Gospel with this lost co-worker. My boss simply said, “Let’s not talk about this shall we.” I understand why he did it. Different beliefs can sometimes come in between workers and create a stressful environment which is something my boss does not want. Still, it doesn’t make it right. But I suppose that God will bring the time around to me when He so desires.

Oh! *spontaneous thought* I will be able to post the next Tangent Time tomorrow night. I have some great material that should be a rather interesting read.

Happy Mother’s Day by the way…I am very thankful for my mom. If you did not have a good experience with your mom growing up I am very sorry. Having a great mom is awesome. My mother has done so much for me. She has homeschooled me, cared for me, showed mercy with the ruler when I really didn’t deserve it, raised me through some incredibly stressful times, and has helped me with all of the college bolognas. She truly is an amazing mom and I love her.

One last thing, I did finish high school this past week. Well, I finished high school and a two-year degree at a college. I am really happy that is over with. Next is on to an actual university where I’m going to major in Broadcasting and Digital Media. I am excited about it. Though the realization did just hit me that I have been through all of high school and have yet to have a girlfriend, go on a date, or have any special relationship beyond just friendship with a girl. Hey! Don’t yell at me, I just tried to be respectful and all of the girls went for the guys that were anything but that, and! the girls who were worth getting to know simply created a wall that said “Friend Zone” on it…or weren’t allowed to date. Oh well…it is unfortunate.

I guess that is it…I mean…I really didn’t talk about anything good. No idea honestly. It is late and I want to make my way towards bed. See ya tomorrow!!