Random Thoughts (most original title ever)

I’m back!!!! What’s up guys, it is The Myriad here. Today-or tonight rather-I am going to simply update you all on what is happening.

So, my job is going well. I meeting new people and gaining new experiences. The people I work with are pretty cool, though I will admit rather sad in the fact that one particular co-worker is involved with a lot of bad stuff. But he is still nice. He is simply lost.

However, I did get reprimanded shall we say when I tried to share the Gospel with this lost co-worker. My boss simply said, “Let’s not talk about this shall we.” I understand why he did it. Different beliefs can sometimes come in between workers and create a stressful environment which is something my boss does not want. Still, it doesn’t make it right. But I suppose that God will bring the time around to me when He so desires.

Oh! *spontaneous thought* I will be able to post the next Tangent Time tomorrow night. I have some great material that should be a rather interesting read.

Happy Mother’s Day by the way…I am very thankful for my mom. If you did not have a good experience with your mom growing up I am very sorry. Having a great mom is awesome. My mother has done so much for me. She has homeschooled me, cared for me, showed mercy with the ruler when I really didn’t deserve it, raised me through some incredibly stressful times, and has helped me with all of the college bolognas. She truly is an amazing mom and I love her.

One last thing, I did finish high school this past week. Well, I finished high school and a two-year degree at a college. I am really happy that is over with. Next is on to an actual university where I’m going to major in Broadcasting and Digital Media. I am excited about it. Though the realization did just hit me that I have been through all of high school and have yet to have a girlfriend, go on a date, or have any special relationship beyond just friendship with a girl. Hey! Don’t yell at me, I just tried to be respectful and all of the girls went for the guys that were anything but that, and! the girls who were worth getting to know simply created a wall that said “Friend Zone” on it…or weren’t allowed to date. Oh well…it is unfortunate.

I guess that is it…I mean…I really didn’t talk about anything good. No idea honestly. It is late and I want to make my way towards bed. See ya tomorrow!!


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