Books for Soldiers

What’s up, guys? It is The Myriad here and today I introduce you to something very cool: Books for Soldiers.

Books for Soldiers was started by a man named Storm Williams. Williams had witnessed his friends, who were deployed in the Persian Gulf in 1991, suffer from the loneliness and isolation that comes with being in the midst of war. To support them, Williams began shipping cartoons to his friends so that they would have a source of encouragement or comic relief during the fighting.

Around twelve years later in 2003 when American troops were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, he started the website “” This website allows people to send books to soldiers that have requested them.

Since Williams started this website, he has received many letters from soldiers thanking him for his willingness to send books. Williams stated in an interview with People magazine:

“Some of these guys have had eight or nine deployments while we’re at home in air conditioning. We find the books they want-Stephen King and Tom Clancy are favorites-write letters, throw in cookies, candy, or pencils and create a care package. It doesn’t cost much.”
I encourage everyone to click the link in the first paragraph. The website is simple, but it is straightforward and easy to navigate. Therefore, it is pretty easy to find out ways that you can get involved if you wish. I’ll link some different tabs, that are on the website, below so that you can find out the information from the source.

That is it! I hope everyone has a great day! Check back in a few days for a new post!

FAQ page
Getting Started
Donate To The Troops
About Us


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