Tangent Time V12: The Strange Case of Dr. Pepper and Mr. Hoax

Its been such a long time!! Sorry, I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I have been working a lot and, of course, been wrapped up in graduation celebration stuff. Anyways, I am very happy to be back and posting.

A little while ago, a rumor began circulating the internet that Dr. Pepper had sold its 23 flavor recipe of goodness to Coca-Cola. The rumor then said that Coca-Cola would be halting production of the drink in the summer of this year.

You know what’s odd? I really like Dr. Pepper, but I never heard anyone mention this. It wasn’t until I was at a graduation party that a friend of mine alerted me to, what I thought at the time was, an “impending doom”. Okay, really he was just like, “Hey, did you hear that Dr. Pepper is shutting down?” I was like, “Uhhh no?” I looked into it later and I found that there indeed was a message about Dr. Pepper shutting down.

However, the entire issue turned out to be a hoax with several websites quickly shooting down the rumor as well as Dr. Pepper’s PR department releasing a tweet reassuring everyone that the drink wasn’t going anywhere.


Thank goodness!!

To this day, no one is sure who started this hoax. It appears that it wasn’t confined to one social media site, but spread throughout many of them, including Facebook and Twitter. But the important element of this story is that, for now, Dr. Pepper is here to stay.

Much gratitude for those of you who “clicked-in” for today’s Tangent Time. I hope you found this of interest. Be sure to let me know if you like Dr. Pepper!!! That is it!


The Myriad