Tangent Time V13: Steam Sale Scuffle



Some of you probably don’t know this but I really like video games. I’ve been playing games since I was about six or seven and I’ve gone from playing on a GameBoy to a Playstation to an Xbox and finally a PC.

From my current platform, PC that is, there are a lot of cool things to enjoy within gaming on this platform. Looking for a small game you can play within your internet browser? No problem! Looking for an MMORPG? (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) The computer is basically designed for that! Looking to play the same game that is on console (Playstation 4, Xbox One) only with better graphics and frame rate? Okay enough “nerding” out.

Now something that a lot of PC gamer’s use to buy games is an online service called Steam. It’s kind of like the App Store or Google Play, except it is for computers. The point of Steam is to allow gamer’s to connect, play games together, buy games at amazingly low prices, solve problems, build game modifications (coding that alters a game), download video and audio software, etc.

Around the end of June, Steam launched their Summer Sale. This sale drops the prices of games by massive percentages! I mean have you ever found something that was 80% off? Well on Steam, it isn’t unusual to find a game marked down that low!

For several months I had been wanting to buy the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot.


I had a friend who played it and he told me that it was a phenomenal game. So when the Steam sale hit, I logged on and saw that it had been marked down from $20 dollars to $5 dollars. I clicked on “Add to Cart,” checked out, and proceeded to download the game.

After waiting about a day for the game to download (shout out to less than 1 mbps internet speed) I installed the game and clicked play.

I was ecstatic! Tomb Raider is an adventure game with a good story, fun game play, interesting and engaging characters, and a lot of other wonderful goodness! I was pumped to see what fun and terrifying travels lay ahead.

Seconds later the game started!…and then crashed.

Then and error message appeared 😦


I sighed and forced myself not to become angry. These kinds of things happen all the time. Though I had never laid eyes on an error that said this. But oh well. That is one of the hurdles with PC gaming, it isn’t always a cinch trying to get a game to run properly.

I began trouble shooting, trying to play the game with this on and this off, or with this checked and that unchecked, messing around with the game files, looking up the problems on the internet, etc.–NOTHING! I couldn’t get the game to work!

According to several internet forums, for some unearthly reason certain people could not get this game to work no matter what they tried. Why? I have no idea. I did find a Youtube video that I thought was the answer, but I gave up from frustration and considered my final options.

I decided to return the game.

I was so disappointed! I wanted to enjoy a cool and engaging story, with different characters and twists and turns, mystery, mayhem-oh bother…it makes me sad thinking about it.

I opted to get another game, but it really wasn’t that fun so I returned that game and…ugh…after working up the courage, purchased Tomb Raider again! At this point I felt like the game was going to send me to my grave a little early! (Get it? Grave? Tomb? Teehee)

Once the download was complete, I tried to play it and surprise! surprise ! it didn’t work! I would say, at this point, I had, in total, spent about an hour and a half attempting to run the game. UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! I had not a clue what to do!

But then I realized something: Solutions often come from the place you least expect. I recalled all of the forums and websites I had visited and was startled to find that I had ignored the Youtube video! Maybe that was the answer. After all, the producer of said video was having the exact same issue as I was.

With nothing to lose I pulled up the video, watched it very carefully, and copied the individuals every move……I may have even moved the mouse in the exact same motions as that person did, but never mind! Once the task was complete, I clicked play.

And. I. Waited.

It really doesn’t make any sense.

It worked, yes the fix worked hallelujah! But I was dumbfounded by how stupidly simple the fix was! My jaw dropped–then I started playing the game and haven’t looked back since.

Here’s what I did:

I unchecked this box.


Clicked “Apply”




Well thank you all for reading my Steam Sale Scuffle. It was not fun…but now I guess it is kind of funny because I tried this multiple times, but then I did it in this order and it worked. Computers can be so weird sometimes! Anyways, the game is fun! Yay!!!!!

Thanks for reading! I should be able to post another one tomorrow, so be on the lookout!


The Myriad


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