Yo, guys! It’s is The Myriad as usual. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their support. It has been pretty awesome to see this blog grow. Enjoy!

I really like music. I enjoy listening to EVERY kind of music and playing EVERY kind of music as well. That’s why today I’m pretty excited to talk to you about a band called “Heartsong”. If you’ve never heard of Heartsong, that is okay. I don’t think anyone west of Ohio has probably heard of them. Heartsong is a collection of musicians who seek to glorify God through song worship. Now don’t leave just yet! This is not your typical contemporary worship band.

Heartsong is a band that was started at Cedarville University. The “band” is actually just a name with four different bands under that name that are separated by a team color. So you have:

Blue Team.Blue-Team.jpgGreen Team.

Green-Team.jpgOrange Team.Orange-Team.jpgRed Team.Red-Team (1).jpg

2015-2016 teams.

Together these teams make up Heartsong! (2015-2016 teams) I’m going to be honest, I don’t know when Heartsong was started. But, what I do know is that they’re are some amazing people within this group.

All of the men and women that are a part of Heatsong are students at Cedarville. The way it works is that if someone wants to be a member of the band, you have to sign up for auditions within the instrument you play (that includes voices as well). From what I’ve heard, auditions can be hard. The staff that is in charge of managing the band want to select people who are competent with their talents and who long to serve God. Once a person has sparked an interest in the leaders, they will call them for an interview. If they are liked, then they get the gig more or less.

It is a ton of hard work though. The students involved have to balance school work with band practice and rehearsal which can be very demanding. Not to mention that the band does a small tour almost every weekend where they play at conferences, camps, churches and other places. They have a time during the summer where they tour for ten weeks straight! So yeah, “lot a hard work”. But most of the members would say that it is more than worth it.

The best thing about Heartsong is this: the people on stage are not seeking to glorify themselves. When the band exits the stage, you can find them socializing among teens and adults eager to meet people and more than willing to serve. For example, I went to a camp this past summer where Heartsong happened to be playing and for five whole days they played and participated right alongside everyone else. It was very reassuring to witness these musicians wanting to spend time with us.

Heartsong puts out albums yearly and they are pretty good. Remember that these are college students that are doing this. Not completely seasoned professionals. As of now, they are preparing to release a new album called “Ascribe”. When it comes out in like a week, you should check it out!

That is it! See you back on Monday hopefully!


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Heartsong Teams


Tangent Time V8: Terrible Movies

What’s up, guys! I hope everyone is having a good day. It’s Monday…that means there’s an entire week ahead. But let’s get to this weeks Tangent Time.

Yesterday, my best friend had a birthday party. So, being the fantastic friend that I am, I quickly ran into Walmart, about an hour before his party, and picked up two movies from the $3 DVD bin. As I was digging through years and years of cheap movies, (some of them good,most of them bad) I came across The Happening with Mark Wahlberg. I had never heard of it, but what I could tell immediately was that M. Night Shyamalan had directed the film. Oh boy! It has always been a mixed bag with him. But I decided to give the film a shot and buy it for my best friend. I also bought The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a film I had seen and really liked. Just a contingency plan of course.

After my friends’ party was over, we sat down to watch The Happening. From the very start of the film, aka. the menu screen, I had a bad feeling. I am one of those people that can make fairly good judgement calls based on a film’s box art, the studio’s involved, and yes, even the menu screen. This one was very basic, the snippets of the film playing in the menu, looked blurry and very low quality which did nothing to raise my hopes for this movie. Once we watched it, occasionally laughing at the terrible dialogue this movie had in it, we both agreed that it was pretty bad. Even Mark Wahlberg’s acting was not very good.

This got me thinking: What are the top 3 worst movies I have ever seen? I’m limiting this to three because I usually do my best to forget about terrible movies, therefore, I have the worst time recalling them.

wrath_of_the_titans_poster3: Wrath of the Titans: This film had a big budget, pretty cool special effects, and a lot of hype behind when the trailer was released. My mom actually bought this film for my birthday several years ago and I was pretty excited. My friend and I (same friend as before) watched this film and were enraged at the way it tried to do Greek Mythology. Meaning that it was completely false most of the time. Oh! We were also in stitches for a lot of the film. Parts were so hilariously dumb, like a guy who can get thrown through granite column after granite column and still be perfectly fine, that we had to stop the movie because we were laughing so hard. For your information, it wasn’t meant to be funny. Don’t watch this!

0022113722: Legend of Cougar Canyon: Has anyone ever heard of this movie? Probably not. It was supposed to be about watching a cougar in its natural habitat, but also have a story and human characters alongside it. Think of movies like Lobo or Charlie: The Lonesome Cougar. However, this movie was so confusing. First of all, nothing ever happened. The cougar just randomly roared (roared? Screamed? Hissed? I have no idea) at other animals and walked around the countryside. The characters were supposed to be descendants of certain Native American tribes. But all the film did was scare me with depictions of skulls and a legend that some of them, when they died, were trapped on earth, so you could still here they’re screams in the canyons at night. All of this combined with the fact that nothing happened! Don’t watch this movie! Just don’t! My whole family loves westerns, but this one was the worst one out of all of them.

jhrQa74SRulO5WEr3J3GJabPlQp.jpg1: 500 MPH Storm: Oh man…I found this film on Netflix and my mom and I decided to watch it. It is a tradition of ours I suppose, to watch films that we know nothing about. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s this. The film was supposed to be about catastrophes, but I think the filmmakers forgot that the movie was the catastrophe. In this film, you have terrible acting, overly rich, supposedly average American characters. I mean, the people are living in mansions for goodness sake! I’m supposed to believe that these people are underpaid?! They look like they’re doing just fine to me! Ridiculous storm sequences where the cars in front! of the main character’s car are being swept up into a massive tornado. Oh and to escape this they flee into a warehouse where the walls are glass paned panels! What?! The plot starts off just as the storm is starting, with people high-fiving and congratulating one another for completing a project that the viewer has no idea of and has never seen! What caused this storm?! You never find out! One last thing, there is a scene with a helicopter where it get’s thrown around by the storm. The sky is an apocalyptic red, fires are raging, and it looks like doomsday! So the chopper crashes with leading protagonist, or, at least, I think he’s the protagonist, and then he wakes up! Guess what?! The sky is blue! Birds are singing! The sun is shining and it looks as if it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day! What!!!!???? Dumb character’s and the worst acting I’ve ever seen make this movie a plague! DO NOT WATCH!

Alright, thanks for reading. Let me know what your worst experiences with movie’s are in the comments section. Thank you for the support and have a good week!


Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

What’s up, guys!? It’s The Myriad here and today I’m going to be bringing everyone something special. But first, I need to tell a short story.

Back in mid-January, I was on a plane headed for home. I had just finished up some skiing with my grandfather in the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. While I was on this trip I brought along a book to read. The book was written by TobyMac and was entitled “City on our Knees.”

This book is a compilation of true stories that tell of ordinary people stepping out and doing something courageous. A few of these stories are incredible while others are a bit smaller in scope. But how magnificent or petite the stories may seem, every one of them started with one person taking a step across a line. Choosing to think about others, showing kindness to the person that hates them, peacefully protesting racial segregation, etc. An entry that I found at the beginning of the book was about Alexandra Scott. A young girl whose life inspired me to start this blog. I hope you enjoy her story.

Before the mere age of one, Alexandra Scott was already facing a struggle that has cracked the mind and body of an adult. You see, Alexandra had been diagnosed with cancer named Neuroblastoma. To have this cancer removed, Alexandra spent twelve hours in a surgery that hoped to remove the literal death from her body. Unfortunately, the surgery left her paralyzed from the chest down. The doctors said that she wouldn’t even be able to crawl when she came of age.

But not too long after the surgery, Alex was able to move her legs and by the age of two, she was crawling around as any toddler would. She even acquired knee braces to help her stand up, and of course, she eventually didn’t even need those. The problem began when her cancerous cells started growing again. In just three months, she had three surgeries to try and stop the cancer. By age four, she was receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy in an attempt to combat the cancer.

Alex’s mind, on the other hand, was alive and well. While all of the treatments were going on, Alexandra had an idea: What if she started a summer lemonade stand? Most people have done this to earn some money when they are kids, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But Alex wanted any money she earned to go to her doctors so that they could find a cure for others who had Neuroblastoma. So that summer, she and her family set up (on their front lawn) Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer. At the end of that summer, she had raised $2,000.

For the next few years, Alex raised more and more money. Her venture was even featured on many television channels and news networks. In 2002, she raised $12,000. In 2003, she raised $18,000. Finally, in 2004, she was able to raise approximately 1.4 million dollars. People worldwide had found out about Alex’s Lemonade Stand’s and were encouraged to make a difference right where they were at. Everyone, from senior citizens to kids, to teenagers’s and young adults, and even homeless people, became inspired to take part in what Alex was doing and make a difference.

As with many stories that are real, happy endings are hard to come by. On August 1st, 2004, Alex passed away. Alex accomplished more in eight years than most people do in a single lifetime. However, she simply took one step forward and tried something new. She was held back by the cancer, but she didn’t choose to allow it to hold her down.

What was once a young girls’ summer idea, has since then flourished into a fundraising (and annual summer) event for cancer research. As of now, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, or ALSF, has raised over 120 million dollars for research in cancer. The money collected, is distributed to children who are seriously ill. The organization continues to grow, with over a hundred hospitals being supplied with the funds raised by ALSF. You know? I think if Alexandra was alive today, she would disagree with the idea that the end had come. For her, maybe…but for what she left behind, it was only the beginning.

I believe that everyone can make an impact is some way or another every day. Learn from Alex. Don’t let life slip away. Alex only lived eight years. Did you know, eight years ago I was ten? Did you know that eight years ago was 2008 and the U.S. went through a recession? Did you know that eight years ago, our country received a new president? The core value is: So much can happen in just eight years. Don’t waste your life. Sure, you may never be recognized like Alex was, but that doesn’t matter. What matter’s is making a positive impact in people’s lives. As you go, remember Alex. She was just four years old when she made her first lemonade stand. She didn’t set out to be famous or create an organization, she simply wanted to help other kids who were suffering from cancer.

I hope this story inspires you the same way it did for me. Like, comment,  and follow the blog (if you want) and I will hopefully be around in the next one if the Lord wills. Be sure to check out ALSF! That is it!


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To Alex



Tangent Time V7

Helllooo!! It’s The Myriad here. I didn’t post over the weekend because of all of the celebration of Easter. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family or friends. Today I wanted to share with you guys what I do on Easter.

Okay, so in the past when I was younger, I didn’t really understand what Easter was about. I mean, I heard about Jesus dying for mankind and then rising again, but I didn’t completely understand how significant it was. Probably because I was too distracted with chocolate, candy, and Easter egg hunts.

Speaking of which, on Sunday afternoons, my family and I would go to my grandparents house to spend time with family, eat a lot of course, and hunt eggs. Usually, how it worked was the adults would take me, my brother, and my cousin and make us go into a spare bedroom so that we wouldn’t see where the eggs were. Then, once the eggs were hidden, we’d rush out onto the lawn and start scrambling around trying find as many eggs as we could carry.

My grandma always had a mix of candy and money eggs for us to find. Including an egg that is molded into a rabbit which always carries the ultimate prize of five dollars. I did manage to find this egg one or two times, but my cousin and brother are both quite a bit older than I so yeah…”I found the prize egg!!!” SLAM!! That was the sound of my brother forcibly taking the egg from me.

As I’ve grown up, I don’t do this anymore. I’m kind of glad and sad at the same time. It was a different, simpler time. A time where I didn’t have to worry about what college I was going to or having to stay up late doing homework. But growing up has been somewhat fun as well…somewhat fun yeah…

That is it, guys! Let me know what you guys do for or have done for Easter in the comments. Thanks!!


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Tangent Time V6

What’s up, guys? It’s The Myriad here. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I’m on Spring Break so I am very happy. I still have some homework to do, but I don’t have to go to school and get more of it which is a plus. As I was thinking about what to write this morning, I decided to look inward and bring you a more personal blog post. I hope you enjoy!

For those of you who don’t know, I am a senior in high school, but I am taking college classes full time. I was homeschooled for most of my life until my Junior year when I attended a community college full time. After about two years of hard work, it is starting to pay off as I will graduate with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts when I receive my high school diploma.

It has not been an easy road. I can remember my first time ever attending a college class. It was soooo stressful. I got over it and I was able to adapt, but it took a lot of quieting my nerves to calm down and figure out how I was going to survive. Fast forward a year and a half, here I am, a senior. I’ve taken a total of sixty-four college credits in subjects from Trigonometry to Pottery.

If I could say just three sentences to freshmen coming into high school it would be this:

Don’t wish for the times ahead to be over. There is always something worth living for. It’s only four years and four years is not a long time.


I can testify and say this: I don’t think I followed these words. I spent much of my time in high school wrapped up in “pity parties” rather than enjoying the time I had. Looking back now from the other side of the fence, I can see that I was just a little selfish. The trouble now is not making the same mistake with the time in front of me. Because I am suddenly filled with melancholiness and the temptation to sit back and lament over graduating is great. But I cannot do this. And none of you should either.

The bottom line is: Enjoy the times ahead, try new and different things, make new friends, oh! and get a job. Even if it is only one or two days a week, it will keep your life from getting stagnant as fast. I know because currently I don’t have one and I wish I did. Haha!

Check back this Friday for a new post. Be sure to like, comment, or follow the blog if you haven’t. Thank’s everyone! Have a great week!!!! That is it!


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Ray Comfort: 180 Movie

Hey, guys! It’s The Myriad here. I am very tired and I was having a bit of writer’s block with this post. But then this story came to my mind and I knew I just had to write it. Enjoy!

So Ray Comfort released a thirty-three-minute movie back in 2011 that talked about an incredibly serious issue. I will not spoil it for anyone, as I know that there are plenty of people who have not watched it yet.

Okay, so the title of the movie is 180, and rightfully so because this movie pulled a-180-like-nobodies-business. I mean, I’ve seen plot twists in movies like Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” or “Now You See Me”. But nothing prepared me for what this movie did. This movie rocked my world. What it did was basically took a situation and circumstance that most people know about and compared it with a problem that well, frankly, most people don’t consider an issue, and showed how they were the same.

It might sound boring, but I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. Seriously, you need to watch this video!!! I cannot recommend it enough.

But a problem that this movie touches on is just how broken the way of thinking is. Mostly in regards to the matter in question which could be summed up as ethics and morality. The movie does not delve into this directly, but in my opinion, it doesn’t even need too. The film exposes the corrupted way of thinking, particularly in America, and it is so sad to see some of the ways in which people think.

Anyway, it really is an interesting movie that everyone should see. I hope everyone who reads this watches the movie. That is it!

The 180 Movie


The Myriad


Tangent Time V5: Part 2 of The Growing Problem with Gaming on Youtube

Hey, everyone! So a friend of mine encouraged me to continue a post from last week’s Tangent Time. I agreed and I understand that I ended the blog rather abruptly and I also feel like I didn’t convey my thoughts that well. But without further delay, here is part 2.

Alright, last week we talked about how gaming video’s on Youtube, are generally filled with sexual innuendo, crude remarks, enough swear words to compare with The Wolf of Wall Street, and discussion about a lot of other things that I will leave to your imagination.  Now, I understand why Youtuber’s do this. It is a lot of easy fun to joke at different physical parts of the body or spin out some joke with the F-bomb dropped in it. If this was every once and awhile I would not be writing this blog post. But it’s not! Instead, with most gaming video’s you hear a constant barrage of profanity and vulgarity. Most of it does not even have a place or a single thread of correlation to what is happening in the video. This is part of the problem.

Something to remember is that kids, pre-teen’s, teenagers, and young adults are the target audience. If this is the case, then how is all this affecting them? Well, truthfully, it may not affect them whatsoever. I mean that. It may have absolutely no consequences in their life. But for those who want better, who don’t want to hear the constant swearing or the talk about what pornography someone watched while viewing a cool idea that the maker of the video came up with in say Batman game for example, what are they left with? Maybe you are an adult and you say, “These kids should just go outside or do something more productive with their lives than just watching gaming video’s!” Okay. But that doesn’t respect someone else’s idea of recreation and it does not help the problem. The problem being, some people don’t want to constantly have to wade through all of the junk that populates these Youtube video’s and channels.

My last thought on this hasn’t changed. If you have the capabilities to make videos on games that have a lot of that “junk” stripped away, then I encourage you to make them. You might not get all of the views in the world. This is often because people want to see the person that is doing the loudest ranting and hating. But it might be a blessing in someone else’s life.

I do want to draw attention to someone who sort of already does this, and that is a Youtuber by the name of TotalBiscuit, also known as “The Cynical Brit”.CynicalFlag_5846He is from England, as you might have guessed from the picture above. Yes, he does still have some language in his video’s. Yes, he does have video series called “WTF Is” though I’ve never heard him actually say what that stands for. He always says, “WTF Is (certain game)”.

He may still have moments where he does talk about something unpleasant, but it is dramatically less than what most people inject into theirs. Something that TotalBiscuit does, if there is strong language in a video, he puts it on the thumbnail of the video. This lets people know, “Hey! Warning! Don’t watch this with your children!” It is a small step, but it is in the right direction.

Alright, guys! If you stuck with me until the end, good for you! I’m going to go and study now. Feel free to comment, follow the blog, or drop a like. It is very reassuring. Have a great day!


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Hey, everyone! It is The Myriad here and today I thought I would show you some cool photographs that I took during photography class last year. Just a heads up, I am going to be extending volume four of Tangent Time. So basically, it’s going to have a part 2! Check back on Monday for that. Anyways, here are the pictures!

...And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking..

Inspired by Pink Floyd: “And you run to catch up with the sun…”


Fast Shutter Speed  Additional Photo.jpg

A rock being dropped into a puddle at 1/2000ths of a second


Inspired by Henry Talbot 2.JPG

This was inspired by Henry Fox Talbot


Negative Space Leading Lines.JPG

This has a rather odd depth of field, but it still looks cool


Possible Wide Depth of Field 3.JPG

An old Dodge pick-up truck


Possible Wide Depth of Field 2.JPG

Lens flares are the coolest thing ever. I guess it is more like a gradient flare then anything else. This was taken down in Florida


Slow Shutter Speed 1(4 seconds).JPG

This is a car going by. I used an open shutter time of four seconds while the camera was propped up on a mailbox

That is it! I figured maybe change it up a little with some pictures. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Check back on Monday for a new Tangent Time! Enjoy your weekend!



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Tangent Time V4: The growing problem with gaming on Youtube.

It is The Myriad here. Oh boy! I have a stressful week ahead. Anyways, I wanted to share with you something rather interesting on this weeks’ Tangent Time.

So something about me: I love to play video games. Yup! I think that they are a lot of fun and for me personally I enjoy playing the many different varieties of games that there are.

But video games are not directly what I want to discuss. The problem is from websites or rather gaming channels set up on Youtube that popularize these games or simply play them for the enjoyment of the viewer. Because most of these Youtuber’s inject an insane amount of language and sexual material into their video’s.

Nowadays, in the world of gaming on Youtube, the F word is common use. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have heard this word along with the many other vulgar terms that were once so bad, no one would ever say them.

The level of sexuality is absolutely disgusting. Men and women referencing each other’s anatomy in a myriad of different ways are incredibly common.

The point is: people need to stand up and either demand entertainment that does not include so much of this stuff, or simply create their own content for other people’s enjoyment, without all of these things.

If parents wonder why their child is saying this or doing that. A logical question would be: what is my child watching? Why is he or she so fascinated with this one person or group in gaming?

A lot of people watch gaming video’s, so it is not just a fad or something that will go away in a year or two. I want you to think for yourself if you should watch this stuff and maybe some of you should even consider making your own gaming channel that does not include so much vulgarity.

That is it!


The Myriad

The Bro-Am

What’s up, guys? It’s The Myriad here. I am busy as always, but I am still loving blogging ya know. Let me ask a question: have you ever heard of The Bro-Am?

The Bro-Am was started back in 2005 by the band Switchfoot which, by the way, is one of my favorite artists. Yes, they started this event back around when they released their “Nothing is Sound” record. So what is The Bro-Am?

The mission of The Bro-Am is:

To give back to the San Diego community through music, surfing & youth development programs.

It’s that simple. But as simple as it is, it’s something that is very dear to Switchfoot’s heart as well as the community of San Diego.

So, The Bro-Am is split into two different events. The first event happens the night before The Bro-Am. This is where people participate in a pre-event auction. As of July 11, 2015, The Bro-Am allows people worldwide to partake in the auction.


The second, of course, is the actual occurrence where thousands of youth take to Moonlight Beach in Encinitas for a day of music, surfing, and fundraising.

All of the proceeds earned go to the city of San Diego for youth development programs. The actual cash is earned from the pre-event auction and the sponsors and vendors that are at the beach that day. Just to let you know, The Bro-Am has some huge sponsors behind it. Guys like Hurley, iHeartMedia, and even Coca-Cola are all active sponsors of the event.

That is about it. Check out The Bro-Am. If you go to their social media page, you can get up-to-date news about the event itself. That is it!


The Myriad

The Bro-Am